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                              N.M.M.C. is here to                                                          

Professionally advise        24/7                                                       _


Medical Marijuana may not be for all patients and can affect others differently.

ALWAYS consult a medical professional before making any medical changes. 



                      Please call first.   


           ( By appointment only, AFTER A PHONE PRESCREENING.)


                                    Please note:  

These meetings "WILL NOT"  be a place of distribution or any


action that is against state or federal law. 


With that also being said, "Please" leave your medicine locked


in your auto or home while in our offices or  meetings. 


 It takes respect on both sides to make change.


   The states program has made a few changes in the application process.      All application documents are coded to

the person applying now. (Probably to insure it's only useable for the person buying to use.)

       If you?re trying to apply with an old application and

especially if you lost the receipt proving you paid. You will

have to buy a new one.

 A good change that has occurred with the new program management is:

    The program is managed in a faster time frame, rather than the old management they replaced.


     We at NMMC take our hats off to the new program management!  You have taken the fear away from the state patients and replaced it with confidence.

   Keep up the great work! Your hard work is making this a better program. 

  Good Bye Fergus, thanks for your help in protecting patients, you will be missed!

NMMC Management




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                                              ART DOGS & GRACE

Best place in the biggest little city, with the BEST employees

Nevada Appeal 02/04/2008 With comments from NMMC's Owner Claude Miller









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Best place in the biggest little city, with the BEST employees!



Pills were my demise, prescribed by trusted doctors. The addiction caused by daily prescribed doses, made my organs began to suffer. Always a father and a husband! But dazed by the hazed induced feeling as the prescribed medicine made me feel. Now as I use what Mother Nature gave human beings for ailments. My life is restored to its glory. Thank you Mary Jane! I love you forever,... C.D.M. 2-22-2013