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   The states program has made a few changes in the application process.      All application documents are coded to

the person applying now. (Probably to insure it's only useable for the person buying to use.)

       If you?re trying to apply with an old application and

especially if you lost the receipt proving you paid. You will

have to buy a new one.

 A good change that has occurred with the new program management is:

    The program is managed in a faster time frame, rather than the old management they replaced.


     We at NMMC take our hats off to the new program management!  You have taken the fear away from the state patients and replaced it with confidence.

   Keep up the great work! Your hard work is making this a better program. 

  Good Bye Fergus, thanks for your help in protecting patients, you will be missed!

NMMC Management




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Nevada Appeal 02/04/2008 With comments from NMMC's Owner Claude Miller




Medical Marijuana

in Nevada 

Assembly Bill 453




?[T]he state of Nevada as a sovereign state has the duty to carry out the will of the people of this state and regulate the health, medical practices and well-being of those people in a manner that respects their personal decisions concerning the relief of suffering through the medical use of marijuana? ? Assembly Bill 453



Our purpose is to provide you with a synopsis of Assembly Bill 453 which allows for the legal use of marijuana in Nevada.  Assembly Bill 453 was passed by the Nevada Legislature on June 5th, 2001 and was signed into law by Governor Kenny Guinn on June 14th, 2001.  It went into effect on October 1st, 2001.


Approved Medical Conditions

Medical marijuana is approved for the following medical conditions:

·         AIDS

·         Cancer

·         Glaucoma

·         Multiple Sclerosis

·         Epilepsy

·         Any condition which causes muscle spasms, seizure, severe nausea, severe pain, or cachexia (weight loss and malnutrition from disease)

·         Any other condition approved by petition to the Health Division of the Department of Human Resources



Assembly Bill 453 provides complete and absolute protection from state prosecution to everyone who obeys the laws.


Registry Identification Card: To be in compliance with the law one must have a Registry Identification Card.  I?ll use the terms Card and Cardholder from here on.  A Cardholder may designate one Primary Caregiver to produce and/or possess marijuana for him/her.  A Cardholder may have only one Caregiver and vice versa.


Use: anyone who holds a Card may use marijuana for medical purposes.


Possession: any Cardholder may possess up to one ounce of dried marijuana.  A Cardholder and his/her Caregiver may possess up to one ounce of marijuana collectively (not one ounce each).


Cultivation: a Cardholder, or Caregiver may possess a maximum of seven marijuana plants, no more than three of which may be in bloom. A Cardholder and his/her Caregiver may possess these amounts collectively.


Search and Seizure: ?The fact that [one holds a Card] does not, alone constitute probable cause to search the person or subject the person or his property to inspection by any governmental agency.?  No property of a Cardholder or Caregiver may be seized, destroyed or subject to forfeiture.


Additional Protections:

No Cardholder or Caregiver can be prosecuted for Delivery, Possession of Paraphernalia, or any type of Aiding and Abetting.  No one in Nevada can be accused of ?constructive possession, conspiracy or any other criminal offense solely for being in the presence or vicinity of the medical use of marijuana in accordance with Bill 453.?


Even if the user or Caregiver does not hold a Card, s/he is afforded all the protections of Bill 453 if it can be shown that except for this fact s/he was in compliance with 453.


Bill 453 protects doctors.  ?The board of medical examiners shall not take any disciplinary action against an attending physician on the basis that the attending physician [..] advised a person [..] about the possible risks and benefits of the medical use of marijuana; or that the medical use of marijuana may mitigate the symptoms or effects of the person?s [..] condition.?



The following acts are against the law:

·         Possessing a firearm in public while under the influence of marijuana.

·         Operating any motorized vehicle while under the influence.

·         Possessing or using medical marijuana in ?any public place or in any place open to the public or exposed to public view?.

·         Possessing or delivering medical marijuana in or to any correctional facility.

·         Delivering medical marijuana to anyone who is not a Cardholder.

·         ?Delivering marijuana for consideration to any person, regardless of whether the recipient lawfully holds a registry identification card? i.e. a Caregiver?s services must be completely free.


Employers are not required ?to accommodate the medical use of marijuana in the workplace.?  No insurer or organization which provides medical coverage is required ?to pay for of reimburse a person for costs associated with the medical use of marijuana.?


A Cardholder must report any change of address, telephone number, physician or caregiver.



Assembly Bill 453 is designed to protect the identity of Cardholders and their Caregivers.


?The department [of agriculture] and any designee of the department shall maintain the confidentiality of and shall not disclose the contents of any applications, records or other written documentation that the department or its designee creates or receives [..] or the name or any other identifying information of an attending physician; or a person who has applied for or to whom the department [..] has issued a registry identification card.?


?The department or its designee may release the name and other identifying information of a person to whom the department or its designee has issued a registry identification card to authorized employees of state and local law enforcement agencies only as necessary to verify that a person is the lawful holder of a registry identification card.? ? emphasis added by author.

Application for a Card

An application for a Registry Identification Card must include the following information:


1.        ?Valid written documentation from the person?s attending physician stating that the person has been diagnosed with a chronic [..] condition; the medical use of marijuana may mitigate the symptoms or effects of that condition; and the attending physician has explained the possible risks and benefits of the medical use of marijuana.?

2.        The name, address, telephone number, social security number and date of birth of the person.

3.        The name, address, and telephone number of the attending physician.

4.        The name, address, telephone number, social security number and date of birth of the primary caregiver (if applicable).

5.        A written, signed statement from the attending physician in which the physician approves of the designation of the primary caregiver (if applicable).


Time frame for reply from department:

?The department shall verify the information contained in an application [..] and shall approve or deny an application within 30 days after receiving the application.?


Applicant is considered a Cardholder until denied:

?If a person has applied for a registry identification card [..] and the department has not yet approved or denied the application, the person and his designated primary caregiver, if any, shall be deemed to hold a registry identification card upon the presentation to a law enforcement officer of the copy of the application? which is given to the person at the time of submission to the department.


Grounds for denial:

?The department may deny an application only on the following grounds:?

(a)     Failure to provide proof of the condition and/or proof of consultation with a physician regarding the medical use of marijuana;

(b)     Failure to comply with other regulations of the department of agriculture;

(c)     Providing false information;

(d)     Physician is not licensed;

(e)     If the department determines that the applicant or caregiver has ever been convicted of sales of a controlled substance;

(f)      If the applicant or caregiver ever possessed or delivered to or in a correctional facility

(g)     If applicant is under 18 and his parent/guardian has not signed the required statement


Reapplication & Renewal:

?A person whose application has been denied may not reapply for 6 months after the date of denial?


A Registry Identification Card is valid for 1 year. 








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